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South Coffeyville, OK, us
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 Thank you for stopping by.I live in Oklahoma now where the weather changes everyday seems to be something different. Married to a great guy for soon to be 49 years who also likes to cross stitch in the winter with me. We are a Christian family with one son and a dear wife. I have been doing crocheting and counted cross stitch and knitting for several years. I like to cross stitch samplers. I love to collect charts of cross stitch and crochet. Like to met ladies that do crocheting and cross stitch. I collect Precious Moments and quilts. I like to do cooking and baking for family and friends. My favorite is creme puffs to make. This March 20,2010 first day of spring and we had 8" of snow.    
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Is the Paula Vaughan Quilts of The Bible Quilt. Stitch the blocks and is hand quilted.

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